Key elements that every website should have

We live in very competitive times. If you want your business to really grow, you have to take care of your online marketing strategy. The most important part of your marketing plan should be a website. 

No matter the profession of your business, every website needs to have those crucial elements. 

Responsive web design 

Responsive web design means nothing else than a website that is adjusted to every screen size. Most of your potential clients browse the internet using their phone. Can you imagine what can happen if they go to your website, and its every element is misplaced and not contained on the screen?

You guessed it correctly. They leave and probably never come back. Not only to your website but to your business. 

That’s why responsive web design is so important. Fortunately, there are website builders like WebWave that make the process of responsive web design intuitive and simple. Making sure that your business will always make a great first impression. 

Intuitive layout

You want your website to be easy to navigate. When your potential client visits it, you don’t want them to spend time on figuring out what should they click next. You want them to focus on your services.

That’s why it is important to have well planned and transparent menu and footer. Website builders like WebWave gather the most important elements like a menu, galleries, contact forms etc. It’s easier to remember to use the most important ones when they are all in one place. 

It’s also always a good idea to look at the website templates. They have every element that your website should also have. 

A blog

Having a blog is one of the most important SEO techniques. It increases organic traffic to your website. Write on the topics that are relevant to your field. In your articles, provide answers to your potential clients questions. 

To make the whole process of running a blog easier, make sure that your website is created with a software with a good content management system (CMS) like WebWave. 

Thanks to the CMS, a professional web designer builds your website and makes sure that everything looks fine, and you can easily add new content. You do this without having to worry about messing a layout or having to constantly ask your web designer for help or approval. 

Confirm your identity 

Don’t forget to add an “About us” section and links to your social media profiles. It makes you look more trustworthy and professional. The visitors of your website are more likely to use your services when they know that your business actually exists and real people are standing behind it. 

It is also a great chance to use integrations and add a Google map to your website to show where your website is located. It not only helps to gain trust, but also makes your website more attractive. 


If you want your business to grow, you need a website. But not just any website. It has to be updated, complement your business and respond to your clients’ needs. 

It might seem like a lot of work, but thankfully there are tools like WebWave that make it easier. The most important part is, that a website is an effort that pays off.

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