How to Gain More Customers Through Your Website

We are continuing our series on how to increase customers through your website by making sure you can be found online. I’ll just do a quick reminder of four things that will help you in this process:
1. Build Your Website 
2. Build A Social Media Presence
3. Create A Google My Business Account
4. SEO or Search Engine Optimization How to Gain More Customers Through Your Website

We’ve looked at some tips for building your website, and now we’ll explore some ways you can gain more customers through maintaining consistency of branding from your web design to other platforms.
Think of your website as the starting part in your journey. As you get it built, then you begin to develop other platforms like social media, Google Business Accounts, etc. If there is consistency across all of these, a potential customer who begins searching for information about your business will see a strong brand identity and message. Customers then begin to gain a sense that there is legitimacy behind what you have to offer.
The other important thing is to have updated content. This content along with specific key words will help customers to find you easier as they begin searching for the things that they need and it is linked to what you have to offer. We’ll share more about that in our next blog, “Search Engine Optimization.”
How can consistency in branding from your website to other platforms help you gain customers? Let’s dive into two examples and explain a bit more about their benefits.
Building A Social Media Presence:
Social media is an important tool of your business marketing plan and can often be the first impression of your company. It’s here where customers get a visual for what services you perform or products you offer. These platforms not only help you to get potential customers, but they also help you to engage with them. As we said earlier, you want to make sure that your business updates content regularly and that you create different opportunities for them to comment, like, and share.
Create A Google My Business Account:
Google My Business is a free service from Google that will show your business location, phone number, and help potential customers see a visual map when they look at specific geographical areas. It’s also an important place to list your website address so that they can link to it easily when they want to dive in more. You can also upload content, mark when operating hours change for things like special holidays and comment on reviews. Yes! We all have reviews both positive and negative and commenting on them helps give you a chance to show that you are listening to feedback and care what customers have to say. Those positive reviews though are a VERY powerful tool as others are looking for what interactions with you have been like. How often do you look for a restaurant or hotel and check to see what others have experienced? That is the power of the positive review. With Google still easily being the number one search engine used today, it’s a place that you want to be when you are looking for potential customers.
Now that we have explored the benefits of having those platforms, let’s talk about that consistency amongst them all.
As we mentioned earlier, the more consistency we have, the stronger statement we make about our businesses. Similar colors, similar graphic designs, and similar themes can better help explain to others who you are and that there are multiple avenues for them to connect to you.
Think again about how you search for a business and it pulls up one, but only a Facebook page and not a website is there. That’s when I go back to my search list to find one that does have a website where I can learn more about their offerings.
So where do you start as a new business or one who might want to revamp their online presence so others might find you easier?
1. We suggest you start with web design and capture what theme, colors, and graphic design you might want to portray.
2. Next, build out your Google Business Page and put similar messaging there.
3. Finally, work on your social media accounts and make sure to have banners and images that match from the web site you had designed.
Then as you continue to update content, try to design similar posts and themes that further tell your story so that those potential customers move from thinking about you to choosing you.
We’d love to help you create consistency across your web design and other online platforms. Contact us today and we’ll work together to develop a more streamlined process for your business.

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