Web Design for digital agencies

Web Design for Digital Marketing Agencies

Over the years, as Instant Web Tools has done web design for different Digital Marketing Agencies, we have discovered that you often have an intense work load that covers various scopes. Whether you are a PR based company, a marketing focused business, or you do it all, you have a lot going on. Web Design for digital agencies

Here are 5 ways that Instant Web Tools can help increase your productivity as a digital marketing agency:
1. Web Design: IWT is a full-service web development company that will work with your company to help take some of the design load off of already overcrowded plates. By doing this, it will help your team to be able to focus on other key areas of your projects. IWT will be white label on these projects, meaning we will work on your behalf and not our own company.
2. Quicker Turn Around: Our diverse team of developers means that we can keep up with multiple projects at once. This means that you would be able to take on more clients which helps increase your bottom line (which is a win-win in our book!) We utilize a project management system to help us have consistent communication for the duration of the project.
3. Quality Design: Just because we say we can do a quicker turnaround time does not mean that the work will be subpar. We have web developers that are versed in many different aspects of web design and work on giving you and the client what they are looking for. Whether we do web design from a PSD or help to create a site from scratch, our team has expertise in these areas:
• UI/UX Designer
• Graphic/Logo Design
• Web Design/Development
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• PSD to WordPress
• CSS, HTML, and JQuery
• PHP and MySQL
• Convert PSD into technical implementation (HTML/CSS/JS)
• Implementing front-end compatible in different browsers (Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and IE up to latest version) and devices (table and mobile)
• Proficient in LESS, SCSS
• Experienced front-end development using Angular2, ReactJS, Laravel, Open Cart, AEM
• Experienced Moodle and WordPress Theming
• Experienced using Git, Grunt, Gulp
• Conversion of wire frames or mockups to HTML/CSS/JS
• Developing system/application User Interface
• Implementing front-end compatible in different browsers (Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome) and devices (Ipad, Iphone, Tab, PC Desktop and Mobiles)
• Developing product website mockup
• Fixing User Interface bugs assigned by the QA/Dev/Business Analyst
• Experienced using JBoss Developer Studio
• Experienced with Scrum/Agile Methodologies
• Experienced Richfaces and PrimeFaces framework
• Google Analytics, Google Search Console
4. Affordability: With volume comes the ability to reduce pricing. At IWT, we know that you have to be able to make the project worthwhile and so we work with our digital agencies to come up with project pricing that will help to fit your budget needs while balancing project requirements. We believe that you will find us to be competitive in our pricing.
5. Ease the burden of hiring: Since we have a team of designers, it will help you ease the burden of finding new developers in this ever changing work environment. Let’s admit that finding staffing isn’t always easy in today’s world. IWT can take some of that stress off of you by completing your design needs vs. you trying to find more employees to meet your increasing demand.

While some would see another web development company as competition, we like to see it as partnerships. Instant Web Tools would love to work together with your digital marketing agency to create quality and affordable web sites at an efficient pace. Contact us today to see how we can help you complete more projects in this New Year.

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