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How to Help Get your Start Up Business or Organization Online

How to Help Get your Start Up Business or Organization Online:

Launching a new business or venturing out into the non-profit world? We are right there with you! As a start up ourselves, we understand getting the vision that’s in your head into a space out into the world can be daunting!

Read more to find 3 ways to help get your startup business or organization online and make the dream become reality……..

1. Logo/Graphic Design The first thing we talk to clients about is where are you at in your creative process? Have you created a logo yet or still working on some concepts? Whether you have it penciled out or whether you need help piecing it together, our team can make sure your logo tells the right story.

2. Website Design Now that you have your logo ready, the next step to getting your concept online is to talk through what you are looking for in your website. What do you want it to look like? What pages will be the central point of your site? What do you want people to know, and what do you want them to contact you about to find out more? Do you want to sell anything on your site? We’ll walk you through finding the right layout and then we’ll work together as you give content and pictures to help share with others about who you are.

3. Web Hosting and Maintenance Now that your site is up and running, you want it to run well! What is web hosting and maintenance? Hosting is essentially a safe place to host your website and the maintenance piece is just like maintenance on your car. If you keep up with it, it helps it not to break down. With web hosting and maintenance at Instant Web Tools, you get:

– A credible, easy to remember website and as many emails as you need.
– An Installation process that is easy.
– Customer support available when you need it to help keep your website running smoothly.
– Security and back ups that happen frequently to keep your site secure.
– Affordability
– Core and Plug In Updates
– Plug in Fixes
– Troubleshooting

We’re here to support you as you start or grow your business or organization! Call us today: 513-802-4668.

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